Below you can see chart of hourly rates for all escort girls as well as price for events such as dinner dates or weekends. Before you make a reservation please keep in mind the following:
1. Make your reservation at least 48 hours before. That will give us time to clear our schedule and arrange necessary transport tickets if needed.
2. If your booking requires traveling to another city or country, we ask to pay at least one way ticket in advance. We hope you can understand our reason for that.
3. Our escort ladies prefer to be paid at the beginning of meeting. That is not the case if you want to pay online when you make a reservation. You can get further details by emailing us contact@linda-escortlady.com.

Time/Event   Price (EUR)*
1 hour   240
2 hours   500
3 hours   800
Additional hours   + 200
Dinner Date   900
Overnight   1500
Weekend   2400
Social Event   1000
*Excluding travel expences